Eyebrow Tweezers & Tools


Dumont Swiss

Proudly made in Switzerland since its inception in 1881, Dumont Tweezers are known internationally for their high quality, durability, and Swiss precision engineering. Available in a range of sizes and designs to suit different applications and needs, Dumont Tweezers use the highest-quality autoclavable, surgical stainless steel to ensure exceptional standards of hygiene and safety.

From slant tips to duck bill, crab claw to fine point, these premium tweezers offer excellent grip on fine hairs and are top-rated for precision work, being designed to minimise hand strain.


Perlex offers budget crab claw tweezers designed to remove fine hairs precisely, for creating the perfect eyebrow line for different types of brows.

Particularly suited to grabbing superfine hairs in the middle of the brow due to the inward-bending design of the claws, these crab tips are ideal for thinning out eyebrows, removing shorter and ingrown hairs, and defining the lower brow line.


A high-quality yet affordable tweezer range, Violetta offers a variety of designs for professional salon applications as well as personal home use.

From stainless steel tweezers with precision gripping tips for removing single fine hairs, to slant tweezers with a gripper button for an ergonomic grip, Violetta offers a wide range of salon-quality tweezers to suit different needs at an affordable price. Can be autoclaved to maintain immaculate hygiene standards.


An exclusive import from the U.S., Trendy offers a popular range of premium tweezers at affordable prices for professional beauty applications.

Available in a choice of crab claw, pointed tip, and slant tweezers, Trendy’s stainless steel beauty tweezers are ideal for a variety of uses, from all-purpose tweezing to precision gripping of fine eyebrow and body hairs. Suitable for autoclaving to ensure impeccable hygiene and safety.


The ultimate choice in professional hair removal, GRIP® Tweezers are a salon must-have. Each GRIP® Tweezer is crafted from the highest quality stainless steel and designed to be durable, hygienic, comfortable to hold, and a joy to use.

These premium matte tweezers are available in a collection of bright and cheerful colours, ranging from crab claw to straight tips for general beauty tweezing, and slanted to pointed tips for precision removal of difficult-to-reach hairs and ingrown hairs.

The GRIP® Crab Claw Tweezers feature excellent crab claw gripping tips and a contoured design for maximum leverage and visibility, making them a popular choice among beauty therapists.