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AViVA mini console diamond tip microdermabrasion is mini in size, but
don’t be fooled by its size– it performs like a giant.

Measuring only 26cm x 23cm x 13cm and weighing in at 2kg,
this neat little console is well designed for sole therapists or
salons where space is limited.

The system has excellent suction with Min-Max rotary control, and
user-friendly touch-screen On/Off and timer controls for a digital timer display.
Strong suction 0.065 MPa (MegaPascal) — information supplied by manufacturer.

… a set of 9 diamond-encrusted heads in several sizes & coarseness shallowly abrade
skin layer by layer
… improves skin texture, pigmentation, age fine lines and little wrinkles
… leaves skin smoother
… recommended method for sensitive skin types to chemical procedures

For use by qualified Beauty Therapists only.

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Weight 3 kg


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