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Deplume Oval Loofah has an exfoliation and massage surface made from
a natural plant material. It comes from the inside of a natural long cucumber-like gourd.

… one of Nature’s oldest exfoliator
… and only 85c each !

… a soft polyester backing with an elastic strap for easy holding
… natural colour with white backing and binding
… retail pack

Want to learn about LOOFAH? Read on ….

Loofah or Luffa has been used for centuries as a natural plant material body exfoliator and massager.
Also known as the sponge gourd or Egyptian cucumber, the ‘Luffa aegyptiaca’ plant fruit is green when growing.
When the luffa gourd has turned yellow, the outside is peeled off, the seeds removed and the barrel-shaped
natural luffa or loofah is revealed.

After washing and cleansing, the loofah sponge can be used whole to massage
and exfoliate, but it’s a bit rough on the hands, so sometimes just a small section is cut out, flattened out and
sewn into a mitt with softer backing material to protect your hands. That’s what our Deplume’s are!


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