Top Coat No Cleanse 15ml

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What does No Cleanse gel top coat mean?
No wipe top coat is exactly that, a top coat for gel that doesn’t need to be wiped with gel cleanser, it dries in the same way a normal gel top coat would without having to wipe off any sticky residue.
It’s quick, easy and mess free

Gelish No Cleanse Top Coat is a sealer top gel designed to create the ultimate finish over any Gel Polish, acrylic, polygel and hard gel.
No Cleanse Top Coat creates a high shine that will not dull, chip or peel from the Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish without the need to wipe the tacky layer after curing. Size: 15ml – 1/2oz

How to apply:
Apply a thin layer of Gelish No Cleanse Top Coat to finish an enhancement service and seal the free edge for lasting wear.
Cure for 60 seconds in a LED Light or 3 minutes in a UV Light. No need to cleanse the tacky layer with Nail Cleanser.

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