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It all began in 1945 when the founder, Reginald Boswell began developing a process for a foam material which was exceptionally soft and gentle that could be used for bathing sponges. It should be noted that at this time the only available sponges in the world were sea sponges.

The path to develop these personal care sponges was an unusual one. During WWII scientists had created a strong and lightweight alternative to balsa wood which was used in the production of frames for the Mosquito fighter planes. Despite being very strong and lightweight when dry, it had one large drawback, it became beautifully soft on contact with water- not quite what you want for an aircraft wing.

Since 1946 the Ramer name has become synonymous with the manufacture of high-quality sponges for a wide variety of personal care uses. The first production line was housed in a disused gymnasium in Pimlico, London and the first year’s entire produce was bought by the Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics Company.

Ramerfoam® material is also supplied to other manufacturers both in UK and abroad, for conversion into components for a diversity of products such as cigar humidors to de-icing systems on the wings of small aircraft. It also has uses in the medical field.

Today, Ramer remains a family company and is the UK’s leading manufacturer of super-absorbent and super soft sponge products for beauty and body-care. We supply customers in the UK and Worldwide and have done so for over seventy years. All Ramer sponge products are manufactured in the UK at our purpose-built facility in Devon which nestles in the rolling hills of the Otter Valley.

Washing & Bathing

Ramer Super Soft Body Sponges

Perfect for a relaxing washing or bathing experience. These sponges offer gentle cleansing to leave the skin refreshed, healthy and clean, these super soft sponges glide effortlessly over the skin whether taking a shower in the morning or bathing in the evening.

Ramer Invigorating Body Sponges

The Ramer Invigorating Body Sponge has a firmer texture and will enhance any shower routine. It treats the skin to a light exfoliation experience. Its cleansing action leaves the body feeling clean, bright, energised and revitalised. These sponges are also perfect for prepping skin before applying self-tanning lotions.

Ramer Luxury Drench Sponge

Created to look and feel like a natural sea sponge and as an ethical alternative to the harvesting of marine life

Baby & Child

Ramer Ultra-Soft Baby Sponges have been used for generations to pamper and gently bathe precious little ones. The super fine texture has been especially designed to be kind to baby’s delicate skin. Each pack contains two contrasting colour sponges, one for baby’s top and the other for baby’s bottom. Ultra Soft ‘top & tail’ bathing everytime.

Beauty & Skincare

The Ramer range of cosmetic sponges is designed for all your make up application and cleansing needs. As you would expect, all Ramer cosmetic sponges are super soft on the skin, hypo allergenic, PH Neutral and dermatologically tested.

Male Grooming

Ramer Shaving Towel

For the committed wet shaver, no in-home barber shop shaving experience would be complete without the new Ramer Softening Wet Shave Towel. This re-usable towel softens the beard and opens the pores to help achieve the closest, smoothest shave and helps avoid razor burn.

Ramer Invigorating Body Sponges

If you are looking to add a real zing to your morning shower or post-gym workout regime then look no further than the new Ramer Invigorating Sponge for Men. Its larger pore size soaks up lots of water and, with just a touch of shower gel, it will lightly exfoliate the skin and leave you feeling clean and refreshed. The texture of the Ramer Invigorating Sponge also helps soaps and shower gels lather really well and last longer too as they are not just being washed away.

Care and use of your Ramer Sponge

  • Before using your new Ramer Sponge for the first time, rinse in warm water with a little soap
  • After use, simply rinse and allow to dry. Once dry, it will shrink a little and harden
  • To rehydrate your dry Ramer Sponge, immerse in warm water and it will soon regain its suppleness and be ready to use again
  • Every so often we recommend that your Ramer Sponge is machine washed at circa 40oC. This will help it to last longer and  maintain  freshness
  • When its time to replace your Ramer sponge don’t throw the old one away, cut it into small pieces and add them to the soil of your pot plants. This will help to retain moisture and promote healthy growth. Alternatively dampen your old sponge and use it to remove pet hairs etc from fabrics or carpets – just rinse sponge under the tap to remove.

Find out more about the range of Ramer products that we stock at SalonQuip.

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