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Wholesale Lash Tint Kits Australia


SalonQuip – Serving You Best Priced Lash Tinting Kits in Australia

Whether your client has an early Zoom meeting or a gala event, lash tinting is an amazing fuss-free solution to mascara, as we all know.  If you’ve got a customer base that loves lash tinting or you’re wanting to grow that side of your business, you need high-quality wholesale lash tinting kits that you can rely on to get the job done every time.

Being even easier and simpler to apply, lash tinting is fast becoming a top choice for looking great with minimal effort. Imagine rolling out of bed and looking like you have already put on mascara!

The low maintenance and long-lasting effect are also attractive.

SalonQuip offers amazing prices on lash tint kits from leading brands – amazing value for freelance beauticians and salons alike!

We offer Binacil (a Wimpernwelle brand), Refectocil, and Belmacil (a Elleebana brand) lash tinting kits, including starter to full-service kits that come with a variety of colours.

Read on for a summary of each brand and why it could be the one for you.

Binacil – Lash Tinting For Professionals

Binacil is Wimpernwelle’s lash- and brow tinting product line and features six colors that can all be mixed with each other. The products are made in Germany, last a long time, and are a great basic lash tint kit for all beauticians.

The kits SalonQuip offers now also come with a 50ml bottle of Colour Cleaner to wipe off any errors in application.

Belmacil – Up To 10 Different Colors For The Discerning Lash Tinting Beautician

Belmacil is made by Australian brand Elleebana and is made with a superior Swiss formulation created after years of research and development.

The Belmacil Professional Last Tint Kit has everything you need to tint up some serious lashes and is one of the best all-in-ones to get due to the colour variety.

Their larger tubes offer over 100 applications per tube, which means amazing value for beauticians with frequent appointments! The kit even comes with a colour chart that helps you match client hair types with the best matching tints.

Refectocil – A Great Professional Lash Tinting Starter Kit

The Refectocil starter kit features six different colours and all the necessary tools to start your last tinting work.

Refectocil is part of the GW Cosmetics family, and all of its products are produced 100% in Leopoldsdorf, Austria.

Why Choose SalonQuip?

You can’t go wrong with any of the lash tinting kits that SalonQuip orders simply from our competitive prices. With speedy shipping and great customer service, you are sure to enjoy your purchasing experience. Order now!

  • Binacil

    Lash/Brow Tint Kit with 5 tint colours PLUS

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  • Belmacil

    Professional Lash Tint Kit (10 colours)

    $193.60 inc GSTTIBELKIT


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    Mini Lash Tinting Kit (4 colours)

    $75.90 inc GSTTIBELKIT2


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  • Refectocil

    Lash Tint Big Professional Starter Kit

    $153.45 inc GSTTIRKIT02


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