SalonQuip – Your One-Stop Supplier for Eyebrow Styling Products

Achieving top-class beauty requires more work than meets the eye(brow)! Perfectly shaped and styled eyebrows accentuate the facial structure and draws attention to the eyes below them – an effect any beautician would want to achieve.

Getting this perfection requires a variety of styling kits and products, often carefully selected based on a client’s facial shape, skin tone, and how much work needs to be done on the eyebrows.

Luckily, SalonQuip has everything beauty clinics and eyebrow technicians need to achieve outstanding results for their clients!

SalonQuip Supplies Everything You Need For Perfect Eyebrows

From top-quality preparation solutions and pens to the scissors and isolator tools, you can find all the necessary products an eyebrow technician needs to succeed at their job.

We stock industry-leading Wimpernwelle eyebrow styling products, giving our clients access to the best brands on the market for affordable prices.

The brand is known for its superior lifting and shaping capacity, with the full effect being seen just a few weeks after application.

For greater savings and convenience, we also offer all-in-one eyebrow lift and styling kits, perfect for salons and freelancers that need to purchase all these products in one simple bulk order.